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When asked about his musical background, Ifume has a simple answer: « I’ve always had music playing in my head, it had to come out at some point… ». Ifume was born in Japan and grew up in Brazil.

Without no initial desire to embrace a musical career young Ifume would still devote part of his spare time learning the piano and the guitar. His passion for music grew bigger only after he graduated from high-school when his friends took him to local clubs and parties, and it quickly became clear music would be the pole around which his life would gravitate.

As much as Ifume’s sound is not at first reminiscent of anything obvious it was no big surprise to hear about his love for the New-York, Detroit and Chicago scenes: « I have this uncanny taste for the raw energy early House and Techno records had in the 80’s (…) I was too young to even know about this music but I seem to always go back to these nitty gritty sounds. I like it brutally honest and unpolished !» he says with a big smile.

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