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Joyful Noise

Joyful Noise

Joyful Noise is the duet formed by the flutist and keyboardist Ludovic Bors and the drummer Antoine Demantké.

Ludovic Bors, a hip hop fan, began by playing in funk bands in Montreuil, France, in the early 90’s. 1993, he co-produces DJ Cam Quartet’s first 12inch on his own label Free Funk Records. He is also producing electronic music. 1996 he signs with the French funk label Big Cheese under the name of Funk Crime. He releases a 12inch and produces another one for the French hip hop band Le Péril Noir. 2000, after having made several mixtapes, he does a hip hop Lp called “Pic Nic Premier Choix”.

Antoine Demantké is also a hip hop fan. He starts playing in hardcore fusion bands in Poitier before he moves to Paris where he studies sound engineering. He meets Ludovic Bors at the Studio Cargo, in Montreuil, his working place. Joyful Noise was born.

Ludovic and Antoine work together since 1998, first in jazz funk bands as TrioFazz or Hûm! Quartet. At the same time they produce hip hop and deep house. In 2000, they meet the Qalomota record’s crew and release their first 12inch including “Raw Love”, “Smell like Africa” and “Lagos Fever”. Since then, they have produced more than twenty 12inch on Qalomota in which you will recognize the identity of the genuine Joyful Noise sound: a mix of Soul, afrobeat, jazz, samples, house beats and live instruments.


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